nastia_liukin_summer_sales_shopping_guideI can’t believe Fall is already right around the corner, which means Summer is coming to an end.  I swear it was just July 4th and I was picking out swimsuits, now my shopping cart is filled with sweaters and booties! Although summer is ending, that only means that fall collections are being released, so summer collections are going on sale! Who doesn’t love a good summer sale?! This is the time to buy those things you favorited, liked, or added into your shopping cart but never went through with the purchase.

I thought I would share some of my favorite items that are on sale *right now*! As you all know I love matching sets because they are casual, yet dressy, and most importantly ~comfy~, so of course I’m going to share at least one. This matching blazer and shorts set is perfect for the summer to fall temperature change. Summer sales are also the perfect time to stock up on swimsuits. Although summer is ending, it’s a great excuse to plan a tropical getaway. This swimsuit has been in my shopping cart (probably since May) and it’s finally on sale.

Scroll through to shop my picks below!