That feeling when you’re just grasping for Friday at 5:00 PM.

Let’s be real, being productive throughout the day is hard. When Netflix is standing between you and your to-do list, the struggle is real. Plus, actually staying productive is even more difficult! Do you ever end your day feeling like your inbox tripled? If you’re having trouble staying motivated, don’t worry, you’re not alone. We’ve all been there.

Here are my five favorite tips to stay productive and if you have any, share them in the comments below!

Tip #1: Reset
Let’s get back to basics first! A good night’s sleep is key to any productive day. I know I struggle to stay on a schedule because I’m on the road 24/7, but *trust me* getting a full night’s rest will make you more alert. One benefit is it increases my energy levels 🙂 Try to get at least 8 hours tonight (which might be tough with your Game of Thrones addiction), but report back to me tomorrow and let me know the difference it makes!

Tip #2: Set Intentions
I *love* setting intentions for the day. When I wake up in the morning, I ask myself, What matters most? After taking inventory, I’ll jot down any buzzing thoughts to bring focus and structure to my day ahead. The Notes feature on your iPhone is great for keeping yourself on point. Organizing my thoughts helps me to prioritize and, once I’m settled, my intentions can guide my actions as I move through my day!

Tip #3: Stop Multitasking
Yes, you heard it here first! Stop juggling your phone, eating lunch and responding to an email all at once. This can all be so tempting because we’re all supposed to be busy, but try focusing on one task. You might just complete it faster! Something that helps with this is the task-tracking cube timer. I’ll set this bad boy up on my desk, start a task, and won’t deviate from that task until the timer is up.

Tip #4: Maximize Your Time
Any goal or habit can be started in under two minutes so why not try a “two-minute rule” 🙂 If it takes less than 2 minutes, do it now. Immediately completing tasks can save time and add to your productivity. And, starting new goals is the key to accomplishing them!

Tip #5: Take Breaks
Studies actually show that regular breaks are mood boosters! Burnout is real. I never feel my best when I’m powering through 15 hour day with no breaks and, somehow, always end up in an Instagram black hole. I think the best happy medium is allowing yourself 10-15 minutes to unplug, especially to get up and move around. Another tip: schedule your workout into your calendar! It’s your most important meeting with yourself.