For those have been reading my blog the last few months, you’ve already met my incredible esthetician Alexis Robertson, the creator of ALXS SKN GYM. But if you’re new, here’s a little bit about her!

Alexis has been a licensed Esthetician for over 10 years and has 18 years experience in the Beauty and Medical Aesthetics Industry working for companies such as Estee Lauder and Living Proof. I am SO excited to be able to share her exclusive, professional advice for her summer skin tips! I’ve noticed such an amazing difference since I’ve followed Alexis’ guide to healthy skin and I hope you do too! – Xo Nastia

Okay, so I don’t want to give you a speech because we all know the sun can be bad!  But most of us don’t know how or when sun damage actually becomes bad.  Basically there are two times when the sun is bad…the beginning and the end!  The first five minutes of unprotected sun exposure are no bueno because it kicks off the inflammation process in the cells which then sets off the aging process in our skin! AHHH!  Now, multiply that by several days, months, and years and that tiny sun damage adds up and starts to take over the skin’s ability to function in a healthy way which leads to tons of skin issues, like premature-aging, cancer, solar acne, and rosacea, oh my!

But, the best part about being alive today is that the technology and research we have in skincare has made it possible to find so many easy, sexy, and fun ways to look hot while not damaging that pretty little face and body that you spend tons of money to look good on!

Here are my top tips for how to stay protected and still look hot while doing it!

  1. Wear a hat and sunglasses!  Even the stars can’t outshine the sun! Notice how celebs always walk around with hats and a pair of sunnies on?  Well, it’s not just to protect themselves from the paparazzi…its to protect their biggest investment (their face) from the sun!  When you’re out just doing your thing this summer, pretend the sun is the paparazzi and hide your face like a Hollywood star!
  2. Wear antioxidants under your SPF!  Vitamin C is actually a SPF booster!  I always apply at least a 15-20% Vitamin C under my SPF.  Vitamin C helps your sunscreen powers last longer while also giving your skin the nutritional support it needs.  My summertime favorite is Vitamin C 15% Lotion by Revision Skincare.  This product uses pure THD Ascorbate which is the most stable form of vitamin C.  This formula is heat resistant and does not oxidize on your skin like most liquid serums do.
  3. Travel proof SPFs!  When I am in the air, I always apply Revision Skincare’s Intellishade SPF 45 because it’s tinted, full of hydration, and anti aging ingredients.  It gives me a sexy yoga glow and hydrates my skin while in the air.  I re-apply every hour I am in flight to keep my skin from looking dull and dry!  From carry-on bag to beach bag, everyone in the professional skin care industry takes Color Science Sunforgettable with them wherever they go!  This little wonder is full of loose mineral powder that you apply over your SPF to help keep your skin protected longer!  At the beach, I stick to popular name brand SPF lotions that are water resistant, sweatproof and SPF 50 or higher.  Formulation is key, so you want to make sure you purchase from a reputable brand!  Avoid aerosol SPFs!  First of all they are rude!  No one wants to be sprayed with your over-spray nor does anyone want to inhale it either!  Second, of all, the jury is still out on how stable and effective this type of sunscreen actually is.
  4. UPF in your clothes!  Fashion plus technology equals Ultraviolet Protection Factor sun wear.   It is easier than ever to find a surfer-girl UPF rash guard to go with your cute little bikini bottoms!  This look is definitely hot and smart and keeps you super protected!  Cruise Amazon for more sun-safe inspirations like kimonos, boho beach dresses and bohemian wrap skirts, all all trending right now!
  5. Cooling masks and gels!  Sheet masks and eye patches are all the rage and for good reason!  Your skin can never get enough hydration and these Instagrammable little wonders pack a watery punch!  Keep a sheet mask in your fridge or beach cooler and chill that skin!  Another amazing little tool I use in my treatment room is an ice roller.  When my clients have a sheet mask on, I roll their skin with this icy tool.  It feels amazing and helps tighten pores and take down heat and inflammation in the skin.  Gel masks or pure aloe gel can also be stored in the fridge and applied directly to the skin to cool and soothe any redness or irritations.

So, gone are the days where staying safe from the sun meant you needed to look like an out place tourist on the beach!  It is super easy to look hot while keeping cool and safe this summer!.  All you have to do is make sun protection part of your beauty routine and you will see so many noticeable and glowing changes in your skin!  I promise you will still get tan through your SPF, you just won’t get burnt!  Even Kim Kardashian couldn’t rock a sun burn, so what makes you think you can?

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