I live a very on-the-go lifestyle. I’m constantly traveling, running to meetings, on photoshoots, working on building our business, and whatever else my days bring! I’m super grateful for the opportunities I have, but I also make sure to find time to unwind, reset, and focus on the important things – the things that make you whole at the end of the day.

I’m definitely a ritualistic type of person. I have hot water with lemon every morning to start my digestive system, I journal to get down my thoughts in a way that serves me, and I love setting intentions. How I unwind is no different. I have three tips that I always practice to bring me back to my center, no matter how crazy of a week I’ve had.

wellness_mindfulness_tips_winding_down_relaxing_nastia_liukinPractice One: SWEAT IT OUT.

Whether I’m in LA, Boston, NYC, or anywhere in between, if I’m feeling the tolls of a long week, I book a workout immediately. I love taking classes, and some of my favorites include CorePower Yoga’s Sculpt class, SoulCycle, and hot yoga/hot Pilates class. These specific classes temporarily allow me to put aside everything going on in the outside world and focus on me, my breath, stillness, energy, and the abilities of my body. Pushing my body to a safe limit, sweating out toxins and releasing endorphins, is cleansing and revitalizing for me.

wellness_mindfulness_tips_winding_down_relaxing_nastia_liukinPractice Two: ROMANCE.

You don’t have to have a significant other to experience romance; and really, the soul needs romance! It can manifest in the form of taking yourself out to dinner, drawing a bath (and decorating it with flowers and candles), or cooking a meal at home with some good music, wine, and fresh, wholesome ingredients. Put yourself at the center of your evening, not thinking about others’ needs and wants, and go from there! I, for one, am a bath person. If I’m on the road and there’s a bath in my hotel room, you know I’m hopping in there at the end of the day!

wellness_mindfulness_tips_winding_down_relaxing_nastia_liukinPractice Three: MEDITATE.

Meditation is the most mainstream and accessible it’s been in a long time, and for good reason; it works! I love using apps like Headspace and Simple Habit, which have differing guided meditations depending on the amount of time you have and the topic you want to focus on. Both of these apps are super down-to-earth, so even first-time meditators will feel comfortable. After a long week, I love listening to sleep-focused meditations and thought-detoxes.

What are your favorite ways to unwind after a long week? Let me know in the comments below!