Good travel habits don’t just start with building a semblance of routine while you’re on the road, they literally start when you hit your gate at the airport. As a frequent flyer and an expert on jet lag, I’ve experienced it all! From waking up at every hour of the night after a long-haul flight, checking my phone because my body is like, “Get UP! It’s not nighttime this is all a lie!” To unexpected flight delays where my travel time exponentially grows right before my tired eyes—I’ve been there, we’ve all been there 🙂

When we travel, time change not only affects our sleep, but also body temperature, when we get hungry and how hungry we are! It’s so crazy to think about. So for when my body feels like it’s stuck in perpetual daytime and my internal clock is temporarily out of sync, here are the go-to tips that I swear by for how to beat jet lag! Happy travels!

  1. Trick your body 🙂 After you’re through TSA, at your gate, and not worried about time because you’ve made it! Switch your phone/watch to your destination time. You’re essentially shifting your time zone so your mind can begin syncing. I love this pre-jet lag hack.
  2. No plane food. I swear by this. I time my meals and bring healthy alternatives in my carry on, so I can avoid that plane food bloat.
  3. Tune out distractions! Sleeping masks and noise cancelling headphones (like these Bose ones) are *key* to settling in on a longer flight so your body will thank you when you land. I also love restricting screen time (putting my phone on ‘do not disturb’) and opting for a good book, taking a little time to unplug from digital distractions.
  4. Don’t sleep in. I *know* this is a hard one! I’m definitely a morning person :). But when you land, if you wake up, take a cold shower or get moving with a work out, you trigger responses in your body that are like what occurs when you naturally wake up. Think of this like “jumpstarting” your brain when fighting through jet lag.
  5. Stay hydrated. If there’s one takeaway that you leave with from this post, it’s this one! Dehydration can actually make jet lag worse! Bring a reusable water bottle in-flight and resist any temptation to drink coffee or alcohol. Both can actually dehydrate you and disrupt your sleep.
  6. Bring a bit of home with you! I love traveling with candles and my own pillow cases. If you have trouble sleeping in-flight or in hotels, familiar smells make you feel like you’re safe at home 🙂