Most of my days are different, whether I’m in LA or Boston, traveling to the next city, working with children across the country, running from one meeting to the next and of course date nights with my fiancé, Matt. I’ve literally spent my entire life in workout clothes, so as you can expect I’m just obsessed with the latest athleisure trend! Workout clothes aren’t just for workouts anymore. You can literally go from your Pilates lesson to brunch with your girlfriends and still look cute without having to change. One of my favorite collections is Julianne Hough’s new line with MPG. Before I get into the line itself can we just talk about Julianne for a second. She’s the ultimate #girlboss. I first got to know Julianne when I was on Dancing With The Stars, and was partnered with her brother, Derek! And just last week my fiancé and I went out to see their new tour, Move Live— You MUST see this show you guys. It was so incredibly creative, inspiring, and makes you want to get up on your feet and dance. Not only is she absolutely beautiful on the outside, but one of the sweetest and most genuine people on the inside too.

With that being said, I just love supporting other inspiring women doing good in this world. This new line is perfect not just for working out, but also for travel, hanging out with your girlfriends, or just a casual day running errands. The colors and patterns are so vibrant and everything fits perfectly! My absolute favorite is the white on white– Decode Space Dye White Leggings and Profit White Hoodie! Check out the entire collection below 🙂 Xo NL