Photo by: Cibelle Levi

Ready for THE popular trend that has changed my way of thinking? Belt bags. Here’s why: our hands have a lot on their plate! On top of carrying my career as a gymnast, they literally hold everything else: snacks, phone, keys, coffee and, more importantly, handbags that are a vessel to transport ALL of those daily necessities.

Call it a mix of 90’s nostalgia and a bias for convenience, but belt bags just *feel* cool. I love to push the needle as far as my personal style goes and here’s why I love these little waist clutches so much.

  1. Belt bags allow you to move! I’m talking exclusive hands-free liberation that enables me to hold other things like my third Alfred tea or my bestie 🙂
  2. With belt bags, I have no choice but to limit my on-the-go *stuff* to a minimum. A belt bag gives you just enough room for the basics.
  3. More than anything the boldness of belt bags impresses me! They’re just that statement piece that elevates ANY outfit.

I love that this trend is sticking around in 2019! Have you finally bought into it?