First thing’s first, let’s iron out just exactly what intentions mean to me! I define an intention as a meaningful awareness of how I want to show up for the day or how I want to experience something. For me, an intention is purposefully deciding what I want to focus on.

I like to think about it like this: picking a new Spotify playlist. You’ll obviously be surprised by the new songs, but you, ultimately, know the kind of music you like and want to listen to. You’re basically choosing the mood you want the playlist to be and you’re into how that type of music makes you feel. So, an intention is like the *vibe* a playlist gives you, BUT for your brain 🙂

Mornings are my favorite time to set intentions for the day. I love waking up *early* and writing in my journal or reflecting on my goals. For this, I ask myself, “What matters most?” And jot down any buzzing thoughts to bring focus and structure to my day ahead. This alone brings me to my center, especially if I’m ever beginning to feel out of balance. Organizing my thoughts always allows me to “let them go” in a way and, in turn, helps me to prioritize. Then once I’m settled and my thoughts are aligned, my intentions can help guide my actions as I move through the day!

What are some intentions you love setting for yourself? Right now, I’m vibing on the following:

  • Understand what I can change, let the rest go.
  • Pursue genuine conversations.
  • Nourish my body physically, mentally, and spiritually every day.
  • Listen to who I’m speaking to, rather than “hear” to reply.
  • Practice thankfulness even when daily annoyances might get in the way.
  • Ask for help when I need it.