Another day, another flight—that’s how the saying goes, right? If you’re a new follower around here (hi, welcome! 👋) you probably quickly picked up that I’m always on the go. Whether it’s bouncing between US coasts or time zones, I believe travel should never hold you back. If there is something out there in the world that you want to see and experience, put aside those fears and face them head on! For me this year, I made it a goal to travel more to see places I have never seen before. I wanted to push myself outside of my normal routine, environment, and comfort zone.

And, update on those travels, they were amazing! I’m so glad I took the time to experience something new and I felt inspired to take on all my tasks with new purpose. For me, I like to make travel, even though it’s usually tied to work, a priority. It refuels my soul and gives me so much motivation in both my personal and professional lives.

Check out my current wishlist below and tell me in the comments where YOU want to go!

Miraval Resort, Austin TX

Image c/o Miraval Austin

The Loren Hotel, Bermuda

Image c/o The Loren Hotel

Skinopi Lodge, Milos Greece

Image c/o Skinopi Lodge

Ion Adventure Hotel, Iceland

Image c/o AFAR Magazine

Portrait Firenze, Florence, Italy

Image c/o Lungarno Collection Hotels

Kimpton Rowan, Palm Springs CA

Image c/o Rowan Palm Springs

Acre Hotel, Cabo, Mexico

Image c/o Acre Baja Hotel

Avelar Palace Hotel, Argentina

Image c/o Avelar Palace Hotel

Hotel Jerome, Aspen, CO

Image c/o Hotel Jerome

Habitas, Tulum, Mexico

Image c/o Habitas Tulum