We are halfway through January! How are those 2019 goals coming along? Yeah, those! I know, sometimes the biggest battle is figuring what that first step is to make it to the end goal. I say look only 2 steps in front of you—what’s the first realistic move you can make that will bring you one notch closer to your goal and then the next. Often, the hardest part is just starting! It’s good to be able to see the bigger picture and keep yourself excited about reaching your goal, but try not to overwhelm yourself with the steps it takes to get there—you WILL get there! I have 5 tips for you guys that I use to stay on track with my goals that are foolproof. They will help you stay accountable and motivated to keep striving!

  1. Write it down + make a list

It’s been proven that when you write something down, you’re more likely to get it done! That’s for good reason, too, you are using both hemispheres of your brain: your left side (the logical) and right side (the imaginative). So you become 42% more likely to achieve your goals and dreams, simply by writing them down on a regular basis. This is a great article by The Huffington Post and another by Forbes explaining the science behind the power of writing things down!

2. Create a vision board

There is power in visualizing your goals! Whenever I’m working on a new project I always take the time to scour through inspiration—whether that be on Pinterest, Instagram, Google, books, magazines, etc., to start to hone in on what I want this project to be like. It’s always helpful to have examples to show friends or mentors so you can explain your vision! This can be digital in the form of a Pinterest board or an album of photos on your phone or maybe you tape them all together on a wall so you’re reminded every day of the vision!

3. Tell someone else

Pick someone you trust to tell all your hopes + dreams to, and tell them everything you want to achieve! It’s great to have someone in your corner who will hold you accountable or check back in periodically to see how far you have come along. It’s good practice to say your goals out loud because you get to hear yourself say “I will do X” or “I want to do Y this year.” Also, that other person might just have the advice on where to start you were looking for! Plus, the people that you love have the effect to make you feel inspired to get a move on!

4. Do a digital cleanse

You know how we can cut out toxic people from our lives, IRL? Well, we should do the same on social media! We are plugged in 24/7 and if we are following someone that causes us to feel either bad about ourselves, comparative, upset, stressed, or whatever the emotion may be, hit unfollow. Instagram especially has become a great place to become connected to people you might have otherwise never have known about, but if someone is evoking bad emotions, you don’t need that! Also, take this time to find new accounts to follow—ones that make you laugh, or bring you inspiration throughout your day.

5. Switch up your routine

This one can be tough because we are creatures of habit! But, if you change a few things in your daily routine—morning or evening—it will change your mindset from the norm! For example, maybe you take time in the AM to scroll through Instagram, but what if you did a stretching sequence now? It switches up your routine + makes you feel refreshed!

How do YOU guys say inspired and on track with your goals?