Image via Architectural Digest. Kitchen owned by Athena Calderone, of eyeswoon.

This may surprise you, but hands-down, my favorite room in the house is the kitchen. It’s a the place where I kickstart my morning, a gathering place for friends, and where I nourish my body after a long day or workout. Here are some things in my kitchen I absolutely cannot live without:

  1. The Kuvings Vaacum Blender will keep you on routine with their preprogrammed buttons. Their vacuum sealed technology preserves the vital nutrients in fruits and veggies, so I know I’m getting the most out of my morning smoothies.
  2. I use something from the Material Kitchen’s fundamental seven-piece set every day I’m home. This set is super versatile and extremely well made. Added bonus- there are several color options to choose from to fit every kitchen aesthetic! 
  3. I always keep a bunch of reusable straws handy for meals on the go. Why not help the environment while also keeping your lipstick in tact?
  4. You know I love pink, so I couldn’t help myself when I saw Mosser’s glass mixing bowls. They’re so chic- I’ve even used them as serveware when hosting!
  5. The Breville espresso machine is probably the most used item in my kitchen (because aren’t we all the best version of ourselves when caffeinated?). There are so many Breville options to choose from, but I love that this machine takes you from bean to brew.
  6. Setting out water gives me no choice but to drink my eight glasses a day, so I always have my Cora Carafe on the counter.
  7. While we’re on the subject of H20, the JENA water kettle is a must for hot lemon water or tea. Make sure you have a lemon squeezer on-hand, too!
  8. This practical (and beautiful) salt keeper is a new addition to my kitchen- but I’m loving it! I can keep both my pink Himalayan and sea salt together in one spot, and it looks great on a tablescape.

Shop these and some other kitchen favorites below.