Everyone knows that I’m a big morning person (hello, 5:00 AM wake-ups!), and I often get asked about the first things I do in the morning. I’m one of those people who is super excited to take on every day. This is definitely because of my unique childhood, but it has stuck with me ever since. I truly believe that setting patterns for yourself during your day helps you to achieve your goals. I try to stay strict with my AM routine no matter where I am in the world because it sets the tone for the day ahead.

5:00 AM
I’ll usually wake around 5:00 AM and I’ll wash my face with warm water and apply a moisturizer (La Mer in the morning is the best, especially for my dry skin). I’ll also throw on a sunscreen (ALWAYS), lip balm, and, if I’m feeling extra puffy from the night before, some eye patches.  

5:15 AM
Then, I’ll have glass of warm water with lemon to wake up my body and get my digestive system going. I always wait about 15-20 minutes after I do this before I put anything else into my body.

5:30 AM
I’ll get dressed in workout clothes and head to the kitchen for the best part of the day—breakfast! As you probably know by now, I live for OWYN plant based protein drinks. While sipping on a cold brew coffee OWYN, I’ll either eat overnight oats (made with OWYN for a boost of protein, almond milk, rolled oats, honey, and cinnamon) or two hard boiled eggs. 

6:00 AM
Since I usually wakeup to an inbox full of emails, I’ll use this time to glance through what’s come in overnight, mark what’s important, and filter through what can wait. That way, I have a clear idea of what needs to be accomplished that day. I also use this time to scroll through Instagram and reply to any DMs or comments I’ve received. I love to hear from my followers, so starting my day this way puts me in a positive mood and helps me conquer whatever is ahead with optimism.

7:00 AM
After breakfast, I’m off to get my sweat session in for the day. If I’m home in LA, I’ll see my trainer Chase. He kicks my butt and I love his workouts so much. If I’m on the road, I’ll switch it up with a SoulCycleCorePower Yoga, or hot Pilates class. Working out is my time to focus purely on my health and doing what makes me feel good. Wherever I am in the world, I always try to get it in. There is no comparison to the natural endorphins your body produces when working out. Instant mood booster!

8:30 AM
Time to take on the day. I’ll shower, get dressed, and get right into it. Whether I’m shooting a campaign, taking a call, or going into a meeting, I always feel super energized and ready at this point in my day. 


What’s your morning routine? Any tried-and-true rituals that help you take on the day? Let me know in the comments below!