When it comes to home decor, the bedroom and living room always get the most attention. But, how about our bathrooms? It seems we get stumped as far as decorating this space goes. After all, what are we supposed to put on top of the toilet? Can we put decor in the shower? What goes next to the sink besides soap? Yeah, I’m just as puzzled as you are! It’s also trickier because if you don’t love the space, bathroom renovations are expensive and can get complicated. Don’t worry, I have some tricks for turning your bathroom into your favorite room in the house without any construction!

First, I recommend minimizing your products! In the shower, the cabinet, on the vanity, everywhere! I know this can be hard, especially if you live with roommates, but the fewer things you have taking up precious counter or floor space, the more open and clean the bathroom will look. When I’m feeling cluttered, I start with the shower. As hard as it is to come to this realization, I don’t need 6 different shampoos + conditioners. I like to buy this set by Le Labo because it’s a great product but also looks pretty on the shelf! I also only keep Aesop hand soap and lotion at the sink because they are the best and there is no need for another product!

Once your space is cleared, now you can have some fun with the décor! My favorite tip is to add a candle (or a few minis!) and a plant which, instantly gives off a spa-like aesthetic to your bathroom. I’m always stocking up on Diptique, Le Labo, or Nest scents! Another quick fix is to add white fluffy towels and bath mat! This gives your shower or bath the ultimate luxury/spa feeling! Plus, for those self-care days, you’ll love yourself for this.

If you do have lots of beauty products (hi, guilty!) there are a few ways you can display your products so it’s both functional and chic! I like to organize all my perfumes on a tray because the bottles are colorful and so beautiful, it’s like art! I do this with my favorite skincare, too. I line up the products on a tray by the sink so their packaging is on display, and I can quickly grab what I need. If you don’t have much counter space to fit a tray, think about hanging floating shelves so you can use that space to put a picture frame, candle, and products on display!

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Image via: @studio_lifestyle