Another Friday, another #FitnessFriday! Summer is literally around the corner, so that means we are trading in the skinny jeans, leggings, and sweatpants for jean shorts, rompers, and dresses! AKA, showing a little more skin! Today I’m going to give you all my favorite treadmill workout—  and by favorite I don’t exactly mean favorite while doing it, but favorite when it’s all done because you totally feel the burn!!

  • Walk 2 minutes to warmup (Level 3, Incline 3)
  • Intervals (Level 4 or 5, incline up all way (on most treadmills this usually around a 12)
Part 1) 1 min on / rest 1 min x 3 (lower speed to cool down-lvl 1-2)
Part 2) :30 on / :30 off x4 (stand off to side while resting)
Part 3) :10 on / :20 off x 4– level 8-10 where you can sprint, incline 3)
Then, after you finish the treadmill part, here’s a quick full body circuit!
(3 times all the way through!)
-Push up + dumbbell row: 6 each arm (do a push-up, then do a row with each arm while in push up position. Feet wider helps)
-Dumbbell step up: 8 each leg (hold 1 DB in both hands. Do one leg at a time)
-Plank knee to elbows opposite and same x 6 each opp, 6 each same
Pick 3 Ab exercises: Do each one for :30 seconds, only one time through!!!
ALL DONE! Hope you enjoy this quick but VERY effective workout. Let me know what you think in the comments below, and what you want to read about next! Perhaps more workouts?